Portable Water Purifier | Go Berkey Kit

Portable Water Purifier

If you are backpacking, hiking or camping in New Zealand or rounding the world on business, vacation or your oe, at uni, at work or any other similar activities, the Go Berkey Kit with a generic Sport Berkey portable water purifier bottle and a small one-element stainless steel Berkey unit is just what you need

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Portable Water Purification New Zealand

Portable Water Purification, New Zealand

Looking to find a source for clean water anytime, anywhere? What you need is a portable water purification system so you can purify water when you need it. Also called “point-of-use water treatment,” this flexible type of water filtration is used by military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and anyone who may need to purify water

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Why Purify Rainwater Collected from Your Roof

Why Purify Rainwater

In New Zealand, rain is usually a very common occurrence. As a result, quite a lot of New Zealanders collect and use rainwater for their property and household use.  In fact, installing a rainwater tank is relatively simple and inexpensive, and the benefits are ongoing. Rainwater is a great source of water for the garden,

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Hydration Packs, GEIGERRIG, In-line Filter – New Zealand

Hydration Backpack,s New Zealand

Geigerrig   Rig 1200 Hydration Packs New Zealand Geigerrig Hydration packs and Hydration Systems are inspired by our friends, family and community who share their days hiking, climbing, biking, skiing, kayaking, fishing, running, bouldering… With a Geigerrig hydration pack and its OGWA powered hydration bladder, you`ll never suck again. All that you`ll need to do is

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Portable Water Purification Systems New Zealand

Portable Water Purification Systems

Berkey Portable Water Purification Systems are the ultimate in portable water contamination removal. Berkey is used worldwide and sets the international standard for water filters used in clean or hostile filtration environments to provide the best tasting, purest drinking water possible and it’s a must for New Zealand.   The unique Berkey® design combines the

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How to Remove Fluoride from Water in New Zealand

Berkey Systems can remove fluoride which is now being added to drinking water in New Zealand.  Of course this begs the question – why would you want to? Over consumption of fluoride can result in discolored teeth.  This is minor, however, compared to painful degradation of the bones which is another longterm side effect.  The

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Stop Fluoridating the Water

MIAMI — A growing number of communities are choosing to stop adding fluoride to their water systems, even though the federal government and federal health officials maintain their full support for a measure they say provides a 25 percent reduction in tooth decay nationwide. Last week, Pinellas County, on Florida’s west coast, voted to stop

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Purification Systems | New Zealand Households

Berkey Water Purification Systems

The Berkey water purification range comes in 7 different sized models including the BPA-free see-through plastic Berkey Light and 6 stainless steel models sized for single person households up to small community groups.  All are portable on some level and are ideal for New Zealand households. One of the best features of the Berkey water

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Berkey Water Filter, clean drinking water

Drinking Water

  One of our most valued items in recent years has been the Berkey Water Filter, which we believe is one of the the best water filters available to produce clean drinking water. Most municipality tap water has high levels of all kinds of stuff in it that shouldn’t be there. Everything from chlorine and

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