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Fluoride in water ‘illegal’ New Zealand

I only Want Water in my Water !

Local body councils are breaking the law and breaching human rights by fluoridating water supplies, an anti-fluoride group has told the High Court at New Plymouth.

The group, Health New Zealand, yesterday opened its test case targeting the South Taranaki District Council’s decision to fluoridate water supplies in Patea and Waverley.

The outcome of the judicial review, being heard before Justice Hansen, could have implications for councils nationwide. About 10 people are attending the two-day hearing and a large media contingent is present to report on the potentially landmark case which puts New Zealand law – or the lack of it – under the microscope.

Following a consultative process, the South Taranaki council decided in December last year to go ahead with fluoridation of both communities’ water supplies. Yesterday, Health NZ lawyer Lisa Hansen, of Christchurch, called for the court to quash the council’s decision.

Ms Hansen said the decision was unlawful because the council had no power to add fluoride to its water supply, which she alleged was for therapeutic purposes.

Fluoridation also breached section 11 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act, which gave people the right to refuse to undergo medical treatment, Ms Hansen said.

Link to Article  26/11/2013

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