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E. Coli bacteria: Another reason for filtering your water

Whether you regularly tramp or camp or just obtain your everyday water from a well, you may want to consider some form of water purification to remove contaminants like E. Coli bacteria.

E. coli or Escherichia coli is a type of fecal coliform bacteria which can often be found in the intestines of animals and humans.  Most strains are harmless, but there is one strain that produces a toxin which can lead to severe illness.

One way to become infected is by drinking water containing E. Coli.  Water can become contaminated by runoff from areas that may contain human or animal wastes.  This can happen during heavy rains or melting snows or other forms of precipitation.  Natural disasters such as earthquakes and tidal waves can also precipitate water becoming infected.

Symptoms can range from abdominal cramps or diarrhoea to a more serious complication called haemolytic uremic syndrome, where red blood cells are destroyed and kidneys fail.  Small children elderly, and those with weak immune systems are the most susceptible.

Having water purification system, especially one that can be used off the grid, will remove E.Coli bacteriai  and other like contaminants, keeping your family safe from illness and infection.  Both Berkey portable water filtration systems and Seychelle / Fill2Pure water filter products like water filter bottles, water pumps, family filter jug and bench top unit have high quality strong filter elements that will do the job.   Most freshwater water sources can be safely filtered through all of these purifications systems, leaving you with safe, fresh drinking water.

So with your health in mind and a variety of units to choose from, why not consider purchasing a water purification product today.

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