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Berkey Water Filter, clean drinking water

Drinking Water


One of our most valued items in recent years has been the Berkey Water Filter, which we believe is one of the the best water filters available to produce clean drinking water.
Most municipality tap water has high levels of all kinds of stuff in it that shouldn’t be there. Everything from chlorine and fluoride which are purposely put intodrinking water supplies, to hormones, antibiotics, prescription drugs, and other chemicals that end up in water on the way from the water treatment plant to your tap.
As a result, there are more and more people these days who avoid plain tap water and drink only clean filtered water.
So why go for a Berkey?  Unfortunately, most of the water filters on the market only filter to a certain level and don’t take out a lot of the more dangerous elements found in tap water.

Some switch to drinking only reverse osmosis water. But then I found out that too much reverse osmosis water can actually cause your body to lose minerals as we usually get them from the water we drink.
Most water filters on the market do not remove fluoride from the water.  Berkey  and British Berkefield do with the addition of the PF-2 filters. The Berkey is by far the best water filter on the market today, and we’ve been using ours for over 2 years.Berkey Water Filter
The water it produces is properly pH’d and it tastes great.  And as long as there is gravity, the Berkey will be able to filter any kind of water and turn it into delicious, clean, drinking water.
It removes pathogens, bacteria, cysts, chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, foul tastes and odors, and it reduces heavy metals without removing the healthy nutritional minerals that your body needs. This is why we chose the Berkey Water Filter.
The Berkey filter systems are made of stainless steel or BPA-free plastic and are easy to assemble. The great design has made it the choice of thousands, including missionaries, campers, home owners, emergency agencies and the preparedness community.
The system consists of two chambers that join together so it is easy to move, even while it is filtering water. It comes packaged with two Black Berkey purifying elements and sets up in minutes. Just screw in the filtering elements and the spigot, put the chambers and base together and you are ready to filter drinking water! And the great part is that these filters work by gravity, so there’s no need to plug it in.
For those of you who only have city water available, this filter remains a great way to rid your water of excess chemicals and dead bacteria. And for those on farms or who use well water,  it’s a great way to remove impurities and any funny tastes or odors.
We highly recommend that everyone gets a Berkey Water Filter for their home. We love ours, and you will too!

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