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There is Poison in the Tap Water

The state of water quality in New Zealand is deteriorating. Giardia has become commonplace as has agricultural runoff (pesticides etc) from farms.  Fluoride is being added to our water supplies – town after town.  Having some form of a water filter or water purification system is becoming a more urgent need. British Berkefeld is a well established brand with a history dating back to the earlier 1800′s in Britain. The high quality ceramic water filters are impregnated with silver and are still made in England. Berkey water purifiers and Seychelle Water filters which are recognised by the Red Cross, Unicef and other relief organisations are made in the USA, and have a reputation for high quality water purification among survivalists and those living on the edge of civilisation.fluoride lowers childrens IQ Gravity water filter systems do not need water pressure or electricity and can even filter out viruses and other pathogens like typhoid and cholera as well as a high percentage of heavy metals and chemicals including those added to tap water Purified Water From Berkey System NZlike chlorine (and fluoride with the addition of the white PF2 or PF4 filters). They are also very economical to run with re-cleanable filters lasting up to several years. Berkey natural water purifier systems are designed to work without the need for electricity or plumbing. They are “off-the-grid” water purifiers and are gravity fed. You can use several sources for providing water. Black Berkey Water Purifier Elements are more powerful than any other gravity water filter element currently available. Exceeds Purification Standard (Log 6). So if you think you cannot afford a water purification system, think again. You can’t afford not to have one.